“Everyday Counts – Missing School = Missing Out!”

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At Chilwell Croft Academy we recognize the link between attainment and attendance. We are committed to ensuring the best possible learning outcomes for all of our pupils and as such we seek to ensure our pupils attend school regularly and on time every day.

Attendance is a high priority at Chilwell Croft Academy. There is an attendance team which is involved with monitoring and raising the standard of attendance. Parents are informed of attendance via letters, phone calls, meetings and school newsletters. The Head teacher regularly reports on attendance to the governing body.

At the end of each term children are rewarded for good attendance with certificates medals and prizes. The class with the best attendance for the term receives £100.00 cheque for the class.

Our school target is 96% and we aim to hit this target every week.


Class attendance week ending 13th July 2018 is as follows: 
6E 95.91%   6M 97.35% 
5G 95.93%  5T 97.17% 
4A 96.36%  4B 96.87% 
3K 93.45%  3M 96.03% 
2H 95.76%  2W 96.97% 
1H 93.84%  1V 93.45% 
RM 95.72%  RR 96.07% 
Overall 96.26% This is above our weekly target at Chilwell Croft Academy 

Congratulations to our winners again this week: 6M 97.35% and 2W 96.97% well done to both classes 

We did meet our target this week with 96.26%. We must all make every effort to come to school every day and hopefully we will make 96.00% or above next week.