E-Safety: Over the last academic year, the school has placed a strong emphasis on the safety of the children using computers online. The children have undertaken lessons, specific for their year   group which address how to use the computers safely, what to do if something upsets them online and how to be a good digital citizen. Audits have shown that the children have benefited greatly from these lessons and there has been a marked improvement in the children’s knowledge of e-safety.

E-safety update 1

At Chilwell croft there is a strong emphasis on online safety. As a starting point, all children were asked  about their knowledge of e-safety and what they knew about staying safe online. The whole school then undertook  a set of specific lessons, over 6 weeks,  targeted at the gaps in our children’s knowledge. These lessons included: knowing the dos and don’ts about what information is safe to share, how to be a good digital citizen and what to do if they come across something upsetting online. When the children were surveyed again, it was clear that the lessons had had a huge impact on the children’s knowledge, with an increase in positive responses throughout the school. This has now become a part of the computing curriculum every year so that we can make sure our children have up to date knowledge.

E-safety update 2

We have also had pupil voice, where a group of children from across the year groups have spoken about e-safety and what they would like to know and understand about it. This has then been used to tailor the lesson plans around the children’s views.

In the future, there are many plans to develop the e-safety curriculum further with the view to becoming outstanding. These include becoming part of ‘E cadets’, which involves empowering a group of children from across the school to become the children’s voice for e-safety and as part of this, deliver training to other children. The school will also be investing in developing  resources that will be able to help parents ensure that outside of school, they have all the tools to keep their children safe online.

This is an exciting time for e-safety at Chilwell Croft and we look forward to updating you in the future.

E-safety update 3